Copper naphthenate
Ferrocene 98%
Fatty alcohols
N - cyclohexyl - 2 - benzothiazolesulfenamide (CBS)

Mixture of alkylcarboxylic acids C7-C12
Scrap cobalt

Naphthenic acids (refined)
Naphthenates of metals
Amides and imidazolines of naphthenic and fatty acids
Metals octoates
Potassium oleate
N - cyclohexyl - 2 - benzothiazolesulfenamide (CBS)
Bitumen additives
Corrosion inhibitors
Dryers and additives for paint and varnishes
Fuel additives
Metal deactivator
Heavy fuel additives
Plants growth stimulators
Ecological insecticide
Different Romanian chemicals
Coolant engine liquids
Fine chemicals synthesis
Rubber accelerator